Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mindstyle does Dink Vinyl toys by MISS MINDY!

"DINK" Vinyl toy from MINDSTYLE TOYS-accompanied by Hans Karl's music from the CD album SHAGXOTICA!

When I attended San Diego Comic-Con 2008 a few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Miss Mindy (Allen) and her sister C.J. Metzger. They are both incredible artists and illustrators. CJ (or Candace) is a painter, illustrator and graphic designer whose creations blend surreal and whimsical imagery. Along with her sister Miss Mindy, they designs toys for MINDSTYLE, and also publish their own books for BabyTattoo books. Miss Mindy's designs for her "DINK" toy that showed at San Diego are quite the little "stylish" wonders as well!

Furthermore, Miss Mindy made a Comic-Con 2008 video for the "DINK" toy. The video is accompanied by the track I composed for my SHAGXOTICA! CD called "The Uninvited Guests." This is a fun little visual extravaganza into the heart of Comic-Con. "DINK" is pretty cute..hehe...Check it out up top!
Over and out from Hans and Dink at Comic-Con......

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