Saturday, March 1, 2008

Original score music for demo Episode #1 of 'THE HYRDE' cartoon!

In January, I scored the demo episode #1 of 'The Hyrde' cartoon, which is now complete and ready for viewing here at Newgrounds: The animation for this series is TOP NOTCH! Featuring the voice talents of Phillip Banks (as Inspector Spectre-, D.B. Cooper (as Ghoul Gal- and Rob Feldman (as Zombor), the first episode juxtaposes the dark menace of an evil threat against the calculated, action-packed and often light humor of the main characters. All in all, this series is a real treat. To learn more about 'The Hyrde' and the story, please visit director Rob Feldman's wonderful creation at:
I will have updates on the progress of this cartoon as more info becomes available. Hopefully we will have more streaming links in the near future so that you folks might be able to view future episodes as they are completed.

Music Scoring News and Pop Culture Thoughts from Composer Hans Karl at Liquid Years Music: